Stars from film and television

Global stars from film and television fascinate and inspire millions of people around the world. With their charisma, talent and unique style, they shape not only the entertainment industry but also pop culture.

From timeless icons like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn to modern-day superstars like Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, their performances on screen and onscreen have shaped generations and given us unforgettable moments.

Hang your favorite actor and movie hero on your living room wall or hallway and give your living style that certain something and a wow effect.

Stars of the music world - from then until now

The world's music stars are also artistically presented in our online shop in impressive art styles on canvas pictures, behind acrylic glass and posters.

From vibrant pop art portraits to street art, these works capture the personality and charisma of music legends in a unique way. Experience the creative interpretation of the biggest names in music history and beautify your rooms with artwork that captures the unparalleled glamour and timeless significance of these global stars.

Icons and heroes

Not only are film and television stars worshipped on screens, but comic heroes have also been on everyone's lips for decades and are popular with young and old alike.

You can bring them all into your home with the help of our high-quality art prints. Whether as an impressive canvas print, elegant acrylic glass or stylish gallery print - the iconic portraits bring the glamour and fascination of the stars directly into your living space.

Add a touch of Hollywood heroism to your wall and immerse yourself in the world of legends with these exclusive art prints that express your love for your favorite stars.

Stars on high-quality posters with and without frames

Whether as a single image or as an arrangement of several images -
Bringing your favorite actor home doesn't have to be expensive. As posters, they are a timeless and stylish choice for anyone who wants to show what they love and what their film heart burns for.

Our posters are available in different sizes and can be easily integrated into any room.
For example, with many small formats as a collage.
With a frame, they not only look more professional, but are also more durable and can be easily hung.

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