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Here you will find our top artists from all areas of photography and art. Whether cartoon, street art, pop art, abstract art, or modern art up to surrealism or realism. There is something for every art lover.

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Daniel Decker - Affengeile Bilder

Daniel Decker

Independent artist with a penchant for beautiful things
ARTWERX - Affengeile Bilder


My story is simple, I love to make pictures. It's my passion. My love. My life.
Frank Daske - Affengeile Bilder

Frank Daske

The photographer and designer Frank Daske lives in Karlsruhe, in the south of Germany - but he takes advantage of every opportunity to travel. When he's not photographing, he's working...
Zuppini - Affengeile Bilder


Zuppini is an artist known for his ability to interpret well-known personalities with a vibrant and colorful palette.
Henrivaux - Affengeile Bilder


Henrivaux is a mechanical engineer from the Ruhr area and, as a counterpoint, works with art as a digital artist in his free time.
Natale Palazzo - Affengeile Bilder

Natale Palazzo

Natale Palazzo, a graphic designer from the Allgäu with over 25 years of professional experience, is an artist in the field of digital art. His works reflect his love for...
Markus Mikolai - Affengeile Bilder

Markus Mikolai

Markus Mikolai is a Germany-based artist who creates a wide variety of motifs and themes.
Rosa Piazza - Affengeile Bilder

Rosa Piazza

Rosa Piazza's passion and love for fashion and art was influenced by the beauty and impressions of Italy.
Catill - Affengeile Bilder


Cathrin Illgen, alias Catill, lives on the green edge of Chemnitz with her family and a boxer dog. She loves nature and creative work.
Kiss Pink - Affengeile Bilder

Kiss Pink

Kiss Pink was founded in 2015. The artist lives in Toronto, Canada and is known worldwide.
Robert Kohlhuber - Affengeile Bilder

Robert Kohlhuber

The Austrian artist Robert Kohlhuber was never drawn to ordinary photographic subjects. He longed to photograph something stimulating and challenging.
Spanjer - Affengeile Bilder


The brands depicted in these pop art paintings evoke extreme nostalgia for simple childhood joys.
Nilo - Affengeile Bilder


The works of German digital artist Nilo are a mix of modern, retro and high-resolution textures.
Himmelmiez - Affengeile Bilder


Himmelmiez is a German digital artist who loves creating new things. She is particularly fond of animals.
Housofblk - Affengeile Bilder


The Mexican-American artist creates motifs with a mixture of reality, dreams and neon colors and brings the whole thing to life.
Nenad Jovic - Affengeile Bilder

Nenad Jovic

"I love nature, there isn't much that pleases my spirit more than lonely peaks, Mountain lakes or green landscapes far away from the chaos of the big city, which is...
Banksy - Affengeile Bilder


Banksy's motives are characterized by a deep socially critical attitude and a strong will to bring about change.
Christian Amelung - Affengeile Bilder

Christian Amelung

Christian Amelung, also known as AK, from Berlin has been driven by art since he was 5 years old.
Sublimenation - Affengeile Bilder


Annisa Tiara Utami, also known as Sublimenation, is an Indonesia-based visual artist who enjoys creating images exploring space and the planet.
Eleanor Art - Affengeile Bilder

Eleanor Art

“Anything but ordinary” is the motto of the British artist Eleanor Isobelle. She combines well-known brand logos with everyday objects in a watercolor style.
Mr. Underdott - Affengeile Bilder

Mr. Underdott

The works of the Greek artist Mr. Underdott are a mixture of minimalism and surrealism.
Juliano de Araujo - Affengeile Bilder

Juliano de Araujo

Juliano de Araujo is a passionate 3D artist from Brazil. With his well-known work of art “Affengeil” he has managed to create a worldwide bestseller.
Jessica Loiterton - Affengeile Bilder

Jessica Loiterton

Jessica Loiterton is an Australian aerial photographer living in O`ahu, Hawaii.
Adrian Vieriu - Affengeile Bilder

Adrian Vieriu

Adrian Vieriu is a German photographer and Photoshop artist from Stuttgart. His extraordinary animal compositions make you look twice.
Yagedan - Affengeile Bilder


Yagedan is a visual artist from Cali, Colombia.
Calibreus - Affengeile Bilder


Zach Doehler is a landscape and nature photographer based in British Columbia, Canada. He is obsessed with color and light that shows the beauty of our nature.
Frank Amoruso - Affengeile Bilder

Frank Amoruso

Frank Amoruso is a contemporary artist from Long Island, New York. He is most often inspired by pop culture.
David Drake - Affengeile Bilder

David Drake

David Drake combines his rock 'n' roll spirit with his personal style in unusual motifs.
Matteo Bianchi - Affengeile Bilder

Matteo Bianchi

OLD ART MEETS STREETSTYLE GRAFFITI MATTEO BIANCHI is a Germany-based ART brand that bridges the gap between old paintings and new graffiti style.
Zenzdesign - Affengeile Bilder


Zenja Gammer is a full-time freelance visual designer and digital artist who loves creating digital art with animals and other creatures.
Lukas Avalon - Affengeile Bilder

Lukas Avalon

Monégasque artist Lukas Avalon turns the origins of street art on its head by bringing it to the canvas.
Patrice Murciano - Affengeile Bilder

Patrice Murciano

The work of the French artist Patrice Murciano's New Pop work is an explosion of "primal energy" with strong colors.
Sean Flores - Affengeile Bilder

Sean Flores

Sean Flores was born in Los Angeles, California in 1993. Growing up in LA gave him a strong connection to graffiti and street art.
RS Artist - Affengeile Bilder

RS Artist

French artist who combines pop art and street art and creates works in colors.
Philipp Pilz - Affengeile Bilder

Philipp Pilz

Nature photographer from Germany. He captures unique atmospheres and moods with his camera.

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