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Natale Palazzo

Natale Palazzo, a graphic designer from the Allgäu with over 25 years of professional experience, is an artist in the field of digital art. His works reflect his love for the extraordinary and the unusual, because he is always looking for something special that stands out from the norm.

Not standing still, swimming against the current and having no fear of "offending" are his strengths. With a particular fondness for pop culture, Natale gives his creations a unique dynamic and splendor of color. But that's not all: his creative world is also shaped by his enthusiasm for horror and science fiction. These passions flow into his works and give them a fascinating and captivating dimension. In the digital sphere, Natale transforms his ideas into masterpieces. With a fine sense for the unexpected and a penchant for unconventional aesthetics, he creates impressive works of art.

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