Create your special gallery wall collage with our tips and inspiration! Get inspired by our wide selection of posters and canvas prints.

Combine colors, styles and motifs for a unique wall arrangement. Whether minimalist, colorful or thematic – with our tips and your creativity you can create a gallery that suits you and your wall perfectly. Discover the joy of design and bring a breath of fresh air into your rooms.

Sophisticatedly presented

Positioning pictures of different sizes so that the top or bottom edges are in a row or at the same height is a stylish option.
Accurate measurement of the individual images is essential.

For arrangements with many small pictures, first create a sketch or transfer the formats onto cardboard or newspaper. You can hang the dummies on the wall using painter's tape, for example, to see if they fit and you like them.

Picture strips

The advantage of this variant: The images can be moved or exchanged as desired.

And a little decoration on the bar, next to or between the pictures, also loosens it up a bit. This means you can decorate based on a theme or season and it will never get boring.

Harmoniously mirrored

A special eye-catcher is this special way of making pictures modern
to hang up. The bottom and top edges of the works of art form a horizontal line.

Be sure to use a spirit level for this. Spirit levels with an integrated ruler are perfect for this, with which you can easily set marking points on the wall with a pencil.

Why not use the corners?

Corners are not for shame! The unusual arrangement of the pictures gives this chillout corner an extraordinary charm and makes it an eye-catcher.

Who says you always have to use the same frame color or frame shape? Nobody! Do it according to your taste and completely individually. Even one or two pictures without a frame give the design a special kick.

Tips and Tricks

Avoid sunlight

If possible, never hang your pictures in direct sunlight
are exposed. This can change the colors (also in photos)

less is more

Don't put pictures on every wall of your room.
Otherwise this can quickly become overwhelming.

Clean edges

To ensure that your pictures are always plumb on the outer edges of your collage, it helps if you use painter's tape or stretch a string.

it's easier with two people

Have a second person help you hang and position the pictures. When hanging, it is important that you can occasionally look at the planned work from a few meters away so that you can change positions to suit your taste.

Nailed it

For small and light images, one is usually enough
Steel nail to hang them. For larger and heavier images, you should always use two
Set suspension points and work with dowels and screws or hooks.

Freshly painted?

Have your walls been repainted or do you live in a new building? Then hold off on hanging the pictures
few. The residual moisture in the wall could damage your pictures. Picture frames can also leave unsightly shadows on the wall.

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