What is an art print?

An art print is a reproduction of an original work of art created using printing techniques such as offset printing, screen printing or digital printing. High-quality materials such as canvas, paper or acrylic glass are used to best preserve the details and colors of the original.

Art prints make it possible to make the beauty and expressiveness of a work of art accessible to a wider audience in different formats and price categories.

Art prints as posters or canvas prints

Art prints offer a variety of options for presenting works of art in different styles and formats.

As posters, they are printed on high-quality paper and are perfect for a cost-effective way to display art in rooms.

Canvas prints offer an elegant option for displaying art on canvas, giving the piece an authentic texture and a luxurious look .

Wall pictures on AluDibond or as GalleryPrint

Images on AluDibond are printed on aluminum and are therefore particularly light and yet extremely stable . The smooth surface gives the motifs a clear and contemporary appearance, while the high print quality makes the colors appear vivid and detailed . They are weatherproof , which also makes them suitable for outdoor use.

GalleryPrints combine the stability of Alu-Dibond with the elegance of acrylic glass , resulting in a high-quality, long-lasting work of art that is perfect for modern and sophisticated spaces.

With these different options, art prints can be customized to reflect each individual's personal preferences and style.

Why buy art prints from Affengeile Bilder?

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