What is a canvas print?

Not to be confused with a canvas picture. Canvas prints are a successful combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. A canvas print is an image printed on canvas by an inkjet printer. After printing, the canvas is stretched on a wooden frame. (Read our guide: Stretching a Canvas Print).
While some people use framed borders, a more common option is frameless borders, made using a gallery wrap technique. During this process, the canvas is stretched around the stretcher bars and attached to the frame.

** Curious what giclee canvas prints are? Read our Giclee Canvas Print Guide.

What is canvas made of?

Canvas is a strong and durable fabric that was formerly made from hemp. Today, canvas is more commonly made from cotton, linen, polyester, or a blend. Most canvas prints you buy for your home are made from a blend of cotton and polyester. Color tends to penetrate cotton fibers, while it usually remains on the surface of synthetic polyester strands.

When it comes to canvas prints, the main difference between these two fabrics is the accuracy of color: polyester prints are more vibrant, while cotton prints last longer.
So, which is better? Well, it depends on what you are looking for: If higher quality canvas prints are a bigger problem, choose cotton canvas prints. On the other hand, if money or vibrancy of colors is a concern, go for polyester!

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