Make your kitchen something special

The kitchen is probably the most visited room in many households. A perfect opportunity to bring a little inspiration into everyday life with pictures. With our unusual motifs you are guaranteed to create a wow effect in your four walls. No matter how full the fridge is, you can never get enough of our motifs ;)

Suitable motifs for every kitchen

No matter whether it is a large designer kitchen or a simple fitted kitchen. With us you will find the right motifs for every style. For a modern ambience we recommend our unusual motifs, whereas for a cozy ambience or country house style you will definitely find a great motif in our landscape pictures . If you have a preference for landscape and animal motifs, we can recommend our artist Philipp Pilz . Should it fit the theme of the kitchen? Then take a look at our artist Eleanor Art .

Canvases for that special impression

Our canvases with a size of up to 100x200 cm are perfect for making even large and open kitchens an eye-catcher. The great motifs impress not only with their enormous size, but also with their high-quality print quality and their sharp resolution. Our futuristic motifs in particular attract attention and make your guests jealous.

Poster with frame for smaller accents

Do you only have a small kitchen or don't have that much wall space because of all your spice cabinets? No problem! It is precisely for these rooms that we have created an inexpensive but equally convincing alternative with our slightly smaller posters . In combination with our high-quality poster frames made of real wood, our posters become a real eye-catcher. Our posters can also be wonderfully combined. So if a single poster is too small for you, just take two or three and create a poster wall according to your taste (100% gluten-free, promise!)

Free shipping

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