Elegance and luxury

Status symbols and luxury embody elegance and sophistication. They are an expression of wealth, influence and an exclusive lifestyle.
From gleaming luxury cars to magnificent watches, from abundant money to iconic designer handbags, our artwork captures the essence of luxury.

The artful depiction of prestige and exclusivity in these works adds a touch of glamor to any room. Immerse yourself in the world of abundance and elegance with our collection that takes you into the sphere of luxury

"RubinArt" - Affengeile Bilder

Graffiti, photography or black and white?

In our shop you will find motifs about luxury and status symbols in different styles.
How about a photograph of an elegant vintage car? Or a colorful depiction of Scrooge McDuck counting money? You might also like the lady who burns a wad of money.

No matter which style suits your taste, with us you will find the right motif as a canvas picture or poster to suit your interior style.

"Death by Gucci" - Affengeile Bilder

Luxury symbols as a canvas picture

With our high-quality canvas pictures, our luxury motifs become an eye-catcher in every room. As canvas pictures, they offer an extraordinary opportunity to
to enjoy and show off the elegance and decades of luxury and status in your own four walls.

Check out our selection of awesome pictures. You can buy any picture on canvas from us in different sizes, from small to XXL.

Our motifs as classic posters with or without a frame

Whether as a single image or as an arrangement of several images - showing luxury doesn't have to be expensive. As posters, they are a timeless and stylish choice for anyone who sees these motifs as motivation to better achieve their goal of luxury and money.

Our posters are available in different sizes and can be easily integrated into any room.
For example with many small formats as a collage. With a frame, they not only look more professional, but are also more durable and can be easily hung.

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