"Big Shark" by Zenzdesign - Affengeile Bilder
"Big Shark" - Affengeile Bilder
"Big Shark" - Affengeile Bilder
"Big Shark" - Affengeile Bilder
Big Shark by Zenzdesign - Affengeile Bilder


Big Shark by Zenzdesign

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"Big Shark" by Zenzdesign

This shark's striking white belly coloration gives it its world-famous name. The White shark. However, our shark in the picture is huge and resembles the megalodon. The largest shark in the history of the earth. And yet a diver calmly swims with him through the depths of the sea.
A fascinatingly beautiful mural and the perfect eye-catcher for your picture wall in the living room, hallway or office.

The modern portrait format image was created by Zenja Gammer, a Dutch artist. He has a preference for digital art with animals and other motifs.

You can buy this motif online either on a high-quality canvas or on a poster with a frame in black, white and oak. Made in Germany.

"Big Shark" - Affengeile Bilder

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Free shipping to DE and AT for orders over €150.